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Unsound Definition Unsound Meaning in Bengali

"Unsound Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Unsound. What are 5 "Unsound synonyms"? What is a better word for Unsound? What's another word for Unsound? How can I replace the word Unsound? What is the Definition of Unsound.

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Synonym of Unsound (adj)

incorrect illogical erroneous unhealthy defective insecure fragile unsafe inaccurate shaky unstable insane unreliable faulty unbalanced ailing crazed dangerous decrepit delicate demented deranged diseased fallacious frail ill incongruous infirm insubstantial invalid lunatic mad rickety specious unhinged unsteady unsubstantial unwell weak wobbly tottering false flawed in poor health not solid unbacked

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Word Origin & History of Unsound

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