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Scrimpy Definition Scrimpy Meaning in Bengali

"Scrimpy Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Scrimpy. What are 5 "Scrimpy synonyms"? What is a better word for Scrimpy? What's another word for Scrimpy? How can I replace the word Scrimpy? What is the Definition of Scrimpy.

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Synonym of Scrimpy (adj)

paltry tenuous scanty minimum sparse miserable scant insufficient mere puny skimpy bare barren deficient exiguous flimsy infertile insubstantial little scrimp shabby short skimp slender slight spare subtle unfinished unfruitful unproductive wanting weak inappreciable inconsiderable too little too late

Example of Scrimpy

Example in a Sentences of Scrimpy
There is nothing scrimpy or stingy about them.
They were a bit scrimpy on the tea and coffee but provided more.
But is it just me or is the recipe for mince pies a bit scrimpy on the flour?
But is still looking a little scrimpy on the solar roof front.
Who said living for free meant being scrimpy?

Word Origin & History of - Scrimpy

Word Origin & History of Scrimpy

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