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Run-Down Definition Run-Down Meaning in Bengali

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Top ten synonyms Run-Down. What are 5 "Run-Down synonyms"? What is a better word for Run-Down? What's another word for Run-Down? How can I replace the word Run-Down? What is the Definition of Run-Down.

Synonym of Run-Down (adj)

deserted desolate dilapidated broken-down neglected dingy crumbling decrepit ramshackle seedy derelict rickety tacky abandoned below par debilitated drained enervated exhausted fatigued forsaken frowzy old peaked ratty tattered tired under the weather unhealthy weak weary worn-out beat-up dog-eared down-at-the-heel in a bad way out of condition tumble-down uncared-for untended used up

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Word Origin & History of - Run-Down

Word Origin & History of Run-Down

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