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Repudiate Definition Repudiate Meaning in Bengali

"Repudiate Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Repudiate. What are 5 "Repudiate synonyms"? What is a better word for Repudiate? What's another word for Repudiate? How can I replace the word Repudiate? What is the Definition of Repudiate.

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Synonym of Repudiate (verb)

abandon recant revoke reverse renounce dismiss disavow break with spurn retract disown repeal forsake rescind dump disapprove rat apostatize flush decline cast abjure dishonor banish reprobate refuse defect disclaim nix desert tergiversate disinherit oust deny default turn demur discard cast off cut off disacknowledge turn down be against fly in the face of tergiverse wash one's hands of

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Word Origin & History of - Repudiate

Word Origin & History of Repudiate

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