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Precipitously Definition Precipitously Meaning in Bengali

"Precipitously Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Precipitously. What are 5 "Precipitously synonyms"? What is a better word for Precipitously? What's another word for Precipitously? How can I replace the word Precipitously? What is the Definition of Precipitously.

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Synonym of Precipitously (adv)

headlong boldly carelessly excitedly fiercely foolishly hastily impetuously imprudently impulsively indiscreetly madly passionately recklessly speedily unwisely wildly abruptly frantically furiously daringly expeditiously feverishly headily headstrongly heedlessly hurriedly ill-advisedly inadvisedly incautiously indomitably irresponsibly precipitantly precipitately thoughtlessly unpreparedly unthinkingly unwarily

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Word Origin & History of - Precipitously

Word Origin & History of Precipitously

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