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Persuade Definition Persuade Meaning in Bengali

"Persuade Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Persuade. What are 5 "Persuade synonyms"? What is a better word for Persuade? What's another word for Persuade? How can I replace the word Persuade? What is the Definition of Persuade.

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Synonym of Persuade (verb)

satisfy urge prompt incline get cajole exhort influence induce enlist assure woo entice impress advise sway coax sell convert wheedle reason lead seduce incite move actuate draw inveigle impel brainwash stroke allure proselytize touch affect blandish propagandize counsel bring around proselyte wear down argue into bring to senses gain confidence of lead to believe lead to do prevail upon talk into turn on to win argument win over work over

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Word Origin & History of Persuade

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