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Nitty-Gritty Definition Nitty-Gritty Meaning in Bengali

"Nitty-Gritty Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Nitty-Gritty. What are 5 "Nitty-Gritty synonyms"? What is a better word for Nitty-Gritty? What's another word for Nitty-Gritty? How can I replace the word Nitty-Gritty? What is the Definition of Nitty-Gritty.

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Synonym of Nitty-Gritty (noun)

kernel substance gist core fundamentals essence focus reality heart quintessence basics soul root meat bottom line brass tacks meat and potatoes name of the game nuts and bolts chief part chief thing cold fact essential details essential part hard fact heart of the matter important matter the facts the name of the game

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Word Origin & History of - Nitty-Gritty

Word Origin & History of Nitty-Gritty

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