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Irrefutable Definition Irrefutable Meaning in Bengali

"Irrefutable Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Irrefutable. What are 5 "Irrefutable synonyms"? What is a better word for Irrefutable? What's another word for Irrefutable? How can I replace the word Irrefutable? What is the Definition of Irrefutable.

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Synonym of Irrefutable (adj)

undeniable ironclad unassailable indisputable accurate certain evident final incontrovertible indubitable invincible irresistible obvious positive set sure unimpeachable unquestionable inarguable incontestable apodictic can bet on it double-checked irrebuttable irrefragable nof ifs ands or buts odds-on proven unanswerable

Example of Irrefutable

Example in a Sentences of Irrefutable

Example Sentences for irrefutable

The fact that the Spaniard had been a dancer gave an irrefutable reality to the tale; Michael so worshipped every form of dancing.

The thing existed in his mind, not as a picture, but as a piece of irrefutable evidence.

Gibbon in this connection says at least one irrefutable thing, and that is, that the Jewish people are men and women.

And that cannot be denied; the certificates are there, irrefutable.

Nothing could be more indiscreet than the eyes of my beloved mistress; they wore the irrefutable marks of her first exploits.

To this logic, which was irrefutable, poor Encisco could make no reply.

The Brutus Stone, on which the Trojan first set foot, is shown in irrefutable proof of this event.

And upon these grounds it may fairly claim to be irrefutable and inevitable.

Had the secret of the nocturnal light been mine alone all might have been well; but Betsy Munn's evidence was irrefutable.

This argument I must confess appeared to me until recently to be irrefutable.

Word Origin & History of - Irrefutable

Word Origin & History of Irrefutable

Word Origin & History

irrefutable 1620, from L. irrefutabilis, from in- "not" + refutabilis (see refute).

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