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Top ten synonyms Iota. What are 5 "Iota synonyms"? What is a better word for Iota? What's another word for Iota? How can I replace the word Iota? What is the Definition of Iota.

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Synonym of Iota (noun)

whit smidgen speck crumb particle trace hint scintilla molecule infinitesimal grain atom jot mite nucleus scrap ray ounce

Example of Iota

Example in a Sentences of Iota

Example Sentences for iota

Of business ability, Burton had never possessed one iota, and his private affairs were constantly mis-managed.

There was not an iota of stinginess in his habitual economy.

The revolutionist ought without cease to develop every iota of his energy; he must deepen and broaden it; but this demands time.

One would not detract an iota from the achievements of these gallant adventurers.

Then, after staggering and trembling, the Iota came on an even keel.

This is confirmed by the fact that the form for iota is not found at Argos.

Iota is informed that the Chloride of Barium, used in about the same proportion as common salt, will give the tint he desires.

But I'll be hanged if there's an iota of generosity about it!'

There was not an iota of evidence against them that would hold water an instant before impartial judges.

She knew that the story that Jake Golcher had just told her was without an iota of truth.

Word Origin & History of - Iota

Word Origin & History of Iota

Word Origin & History

iota 1636, figurative use of iota, ninth and smallest letter in the Gk. alphabet, after Matt. v:18 (see jot). The letter name is from Heb. yodh.

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