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Intuition Definition Intuition Meaning in Bengali

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Top ten synonyms Intuition. What are 5 "Intuition synonyms"? What is a better word for Intuition? What's another word for Intuition? How can I replace the word Intuition? What is the Definition of Intuition.

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Synonym of Intuition (noun)

instinct hunch perception clairvoyance discernment foreknowledge penetration nose premonition feeling divination presentiment inspiration gut reaction second sight sixth sense intuitiveness ESP perceptivity innate knowledge

Example of Intuition

Example in a Sentences of Intuition

Example Sentences for intuition

Though he had no rational reason for expecting trouble he had still his hunch and his intuition.

When she got through he thanked her and said it was always wise to trust a woman's intuition.

One would say rather that they recalled something of primitive science and of the era of intuition.

He had read that women have intuition in affairs of the heart.

A clue to this understanding may come to him by intuition, by virtue of his own native insight and intelligence.

The voice is a filler, in lieu of shortages of intellect and intuition.

For him intuition is not unconscious memory but the first degree of the mind's activity which is expression.

The child's intuition had been strong to perceive the nature of her aunt Madge.

Perhaps in this poem the figures are sufficiently determined, but they are not so with intuition in view.

Comforted a little by this intuition, at length Benita fell asleep.

Word Origin & History of - Intuition

Word Origin & History of Intuition

Word Origin & History

intuition late 15c., from M.Fr. intuition, from L.L. intuitionem (nom. intuitio) "a looking at, consideration," from L. intuitus, pp. of intueri "look at, consider," from in- "at, on" + tueri "to look at, watch over" (see tuition).

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