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Top ten synonyms Intellect. What are 5 "Intellect synonyms"? What is a better word for Intellect? What's another word for Intellect? How can I replace the word Intellect? What is the meaning of Intellect in English?

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Synonym of Intellect (noun)

intuition ability genius intelligence acumen savvy judgment cerebration smarts pundit mind sense mentality intellectual understanding psyche reason egghead comprehension wits thinker brains intellectuality what it takes

Example of Intellect

Example in a Sentences of Intellect

Example Sentences for intellect

She showed grace and energy in every movement and intellect and force in every glance.

Not all Plummer's wealth could save him now, nor all his intellect and cool audacity.

Mind was here, passions, but grasped by the strong hand of intellect.

His intellect, the lesser faculty, was absorbed by his imagination.

He believed in the rule of character, as indicated by intellect and property.

The intellect is of slower development than the body, and takes longer to decay.

Their visitor's manner was that of a gentleman; his countenance and conversation were those of a man of intellect.

The merits, the features, the intellect of her son were for her those of a divinity.

Locomotion becomes feeble and tottering, the voice harsh, the intellect obtuse and powerless, and all the senses blunted.

No more deadening system for the intellect could possibly have been devised.

Word Origin & History of - Intellect

Word Origin & History of Intellect

Word Origin & History

intellect late 14c., from L. intellectus "discernment, understanding," from pp. stem of intelligere "to understand, discern" (see intelligence).

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