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Insurgent Definition Insurgent Meaning in Bengali

"Insurgent Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Insurgent. What are 5 "Insurgent synonyms"? What is a better word for Insurgent? What's another word for Insurgent? How can I replace the word Insurgent? What is the Definition of Insurgent.

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Synonym of Insurgent (noun)

revolutionary contumacious disobedient factious insubordinate mutinous revolting riotous seditious insurrectionary anarchical

Example of Insurgent

Example in a Sentences of Insurgent

Example Sentences for insurgent

The transportation of John Mitchell did not extinguish the zeal of the insurgent press.

Insurgent expeditions were organized in Wurtemberg and Baden.

The camp was already filled with the insurgent soldiers, and no doubt his tent had been pillaged long before that time.

It was soon evident that the greater part of the Sikh population was insurgent.

Armed with this magical blade, he continued his march into the wilds of Suruga, the haunt of the insurgent Ainos.

A couple of miles off an insurgent steamer was sighted, but it passed on.

The border line of the United States, for a thousand miles, was in commotion to join the insurgent Canadians.

Three months of warfare had wrought dissension in the insurgent camp.

Not being able to send material aid to the faithful citizens of the insurgent departments, it gave them its "confidence."

Then what are they doing on that island, in company with the insurgent chiefs?

Word Origin & History of - Insurgent

Word Origin & History of Insurgent

Word Origin & History

insurgent "one who rises in revolt," 1765, from L. insurgentem (nom. insurgens), prp. of insurgere "rise up, rise against, revolt," from in- "against" + surgere "to rise" (see surge). An obsolete verb insurge "to rise in opposition or insurrection" is attested from 1535.

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