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Inspection Definition Inspection Meaning in Bengali

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Top ten synonyms Inspection. What are 5 "Inspection synonyms"? What is a better word for Inspection? What's another word for Inspection? How can I replace the word Inspection? What is the Definition of Inspection.

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Synonym of Inspection (noun)

checkup search review probe supervision surveillance scrutiny investigation inquiry analysis survey research inquest pageant parade scan read once-over inquisition inventory frisk superintendence view maneuvers look-over perlustration

Example of Inspection

Example in a Sentences of Inspection

Example Sentences for inspection

Every one can judge for himself on inspection of the passage.

And it certainly saved a lot of inspection time and a lot of direct contact.

Sometimes the other chaplain held the candle in a proper position to aid his inspection.

All right, then give me the notification and forget the rest of the inspection.

Here a piece of paper, similarly put up, was held out for the inspection of the girl.

She had already been upon the upper floors; and now her inspection was over.

When the inspection was concluded my leg was ordered to be bandaged, and some medicine was given to me daily.

He finished his inspection with the room which he used as a study.

"Got 'em all meself, and paid me little finger for 'em, too," and he held up a bandaged right arm for my inspection.

I asked, as I passed the thing on to Murdock for his inspection.

Word Origin & History of - Inspection

Word Origin & History of Inspection

Word Origin & History

inspection late 14c., from O.Fr. inspection, from L. inspectionem (nom. inspectio) "a looking into," from inspectus, pp. of inspicere "look into, inspect, examine," from in- "into" + specere "to look" (see scope (1)). Inspector "overseer, superintendent" is from c.1600; as a police ranking between sergeant and superintendent, it dates from 1840.

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