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Top ten synonyms Inscribe. What are 5 "Inscribe synonyms"? What is a better word for Inscribe? What's another word for Inscribe? How can I replace the word Inscribe? What is the meaning of Inscribe in English?

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Synonym of Inscribe (verb)

carve etch engrave cut list register impress engross record book indite scribe

Example of Inscribe

Example in a Sentences of Inscribe

Example Sentences for inscribe

Let us continue to inscribe our little bits of tales, and let the heathen rage!

To get by heart; hence to register; to write or inscribe an authentic account of.

She courteously acceded, first presenting us to a book in which to inscribe our names.

Thou must inscribe on a white parchment an image of the sun.

That there is a special book in which to inscribe the opinion of the Audiencia when appointments are discussed with them.

Con was obliged to subjoin: 'Inscribe it on the dungeon-door of tyranny.'

They took good care not to inscribe it in the document in which they ordered us to leave the Transvaal immediately.

Use compasses to inscribe the circle, so that it may be perfect.

In this inscribe an octaedron, and the circle included in this will be the orbit of Mercury.

He began to inscribe me as "Salisbury" in the police-book, and was annoyed when corrected.

Word Origin & History of - Inscribe

Word Origin & History of Inscribe

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