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Inkling Definition Inkling Meaning in Bengali

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Top ten synonyms Inkling. What are 5 "Inkling synonyms"? What is a better word for Inkling? What's another word for Inkling? How can I replace the word Inkling? What is the Definition of Inkling.

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Synonym of Inkling (noun)

indication hunch impression conception intimation lead hint innuendo whisper tip cue suspicion suggestion notion glimmering faintest idea foggiest idea hot lead sneaking suspicion tipoff

Example of Inkling

Example in a Sentences of Inkling

Example Sentences for inkling

It was such a well-behaved, solemn little audience, that never gave me an inkling of its liking or its loathing.

It was only an inkling, vague and groundless, and he felt that it would do no good to speak of it.

As already suggested, he had at least an inkling of what that undertaking meant.

But Hiram gave her no inkling of where he passed the evening.

At all events something might be said by way of answer that would give an inkling of the truth.

At first I knew not what to make of this; but soon an inkling of the truth occurred to me.

Say on, then; and grant that it may have an inkling of my sister!

With all his adroitness and subtlety, he could get no inkling of their intentions.

Tell me if you believe that any one on the post has any inkling of the truth.

Perhaps some hint, some inkling of my sufferings might reach their ears.

Word Origin & History of - Inkling

Word Origin & History of Inkling

Word Origin & History

inkling c.1400, apparently from the gerund of M.E. verb inclen "utter in an undertone" (mid-14c.), which perhaps is related to O.E. inca "doubt, suspicion."

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