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Ingrain Definition Ingrain Meaning in Bengali

"Ingrain Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Ingrain. What are 5 "Ingrain synonyms"? What is a better word for Ingrain? What's another word for Ingrain? How can I replace the word Ingrain? What is the meaning of Ingrain in English?

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Synonym of Ingrain (verb)

instill fix teach implant

Example of Ingrain

Example in a Sentences of Ingrain

Example Sentences for ingrain

There was an ingrain carpet on the floor, green ivy leaves on a red ground, and clumsy, old-fashioned walnut furniture.

In 1830 he commenced the manufacture of ingrain carpeting, which he continued for 18 years.

The price of copying an ingrain design is from $3 to $6 per sheet.

I never have an ingrain carpet in my house,—not even on the chambers.

It takes long time and much experience to ingrain political habits of steadiness and efficiency.

Silks and moquette harmonize as well as calico and ingrain once did.

This Brussels will outwear two ingrain carpets, at a very little advance on the first cost.

Ingrain carpets, of close texture, and the three-ply carpets, are best for common use.

We had plenty of bedding and about sixty yards of ingrain carpet that was used as a partition in our house for a long time.

When rugs began to take the place of ingrain carpets it was Haynes-Cooper who first sensed the change.

Word Origin & History of - Ingrain

Word Origin & History of Ingrain

Word Origin & History

ingrain 1766, see engrain. Fig. use, of qualities, habits, etc., attested from 1851 (in ingrained).

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