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Top ten synonyms Induce. What are 5 "Induce synonyms"? What is a better word for Induce? What's another word for Induce? How can I replace the word Induce? What is the Definition of Induce.

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Synonym of Induce (verb)

urge activate prompt coax engender bring about breed promote motivate produce persuade convince cause generate abet move actuate bulldoze make cajole sway instigate draw wheedle get influence effect procure press sweet-talk squeeze impel occasion incite bring around get up lead to goose soft-soap steamroll argue into draw in give rise to prevail upon sell one on set in motion suck in talk into win over twist one's arm

Example of Induce

Example in a Sentences of Induce

Example Sentences for induce

What should induce them to revile their benefactor without provocation?'

His responsibility may induce him to spend the entire night on deck.

This was to induce Jalaloddin to surrender without fighting.

This was good advice, and Fanny needed no persuasion to induce her to follow it.

Perhaps it may still be possible to induce him to hear reason.

I asked him to let me see him, but he refused in spite of all I could say to induce him to show him.

She carried flowers to her mother's grave, and he gave her sweets to induce her to let them lie there.

If he could only induce her to beg him not to risk his life again!

Since I have not long to live, do not suffer a mistaken compassion to induce you to flatter my family with false hopes.

He also assured me that he would not fail to try and induce Rochford to rejoin us.

Word Origin & History of - Induce

Word Origin & History of Induce

Word Origin & History

induce late 14c., "to lead by persuasions or other influences," from L. inducere "lead into, persuade," from in- "in" + ducere "to lead" (see duke). Meaning "to bring about," of concrete situations, etc., is from early 15c.; sense of "to infer by reasoning" is from 1560s. Electro-magnetic sense first recorded 1777.

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