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Top ten synonyms Indict. What are 5 "Indict synonyms"? What is a better word for Indict? What's another word for Indict? How can I replace the word Indict? What is the Definition of Indict.

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Synonym of Indict (verb)

prosecute censure summon incriminate charge impeach arraign frame tax criminate inculpate finger face with charges

Example of Indict

Example in a Sentences of Indict

Example Sentences for indict

Do you know I could indict you for conspiracy and conniving at theft?'

Not a bit of it Let her contract a new marriage, and the law will indict her for bigamy.

He calls upon the jury to present and indict these offenders.

How do you suppose Jethro Bass knew you were going to indict the town?

It was for that reason that the council did not indict him last night.

The grand jury refused to indict him and he left the court in triumph.

Even when it was proposed to indict and try him for treason he displayed no resentment or bitterness.

My friends indeed tell me that it is unholy for a son to indict his father.

You will understand, Mr Balsam, that my only object in persuading him to indict the paper has been to put him into a witness-box.

He prepares the indictment and it is often upon his recommendation that the grand jury decides to indict or not to indict.

Word Origin & History of - Indict

Word Origin & History of Indict

Word Origin & History

indict c.1300, from Anglo-Fr. enditer "accuse, indict" (1278), from O.Fr. enditer "to dictate or inform," from M.L. indictare "to declare, proclaim in writing," from L. in- "in" + dictare "to say, compose in words" (see dictate). Retained its Fr. pronunciation even after the spelling was re-Latinized c.1600.

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