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Incise Definition Incise Meaning in Bengali

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Top ten synonyms Incise. What are 5 "Incise synonyms"? What is a better word for Incise? What's another word for Incise? How can I replace the word Incise? What is the meaning of Incise in English?

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Synonym of Incise (verb)

etch engrave carve chisel

Example of Incise

Example in a Sentences of Incise

Example Sentences for incise

And that I shall not cut or incise any person having the stone, but shall leave the same to those who are expert in it.

Incise and curet the wound and apply one of the wet dressings.

But the old meaning of "write" is to incise, or to cut, or engrave.

He says some people burn them medicinis acutis (touching with acids, as some do even yet), and some incise them with a knife.

You are indeed a cock whose comb wants cutting, and if all be well, we will incise it for your soul's good.

The usual plan is to prick or incise each lesion and press out the contents.

Incise the principal lines with a V tool, or, according to its size, small gouges may be used.

Put to the doors a while there; ye can incise To a hairs breadth without defacing.Sur.

Care must be taken not to let the knife slip at the end of the incision and so incise the neck tissues.

The next step is to incise the sinus freely from above downwards towards the jugular fossa and curette out the thrombus.

Word Origin & History of - Incise

Word Origin & History of Incise

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