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Top ten synonyms Inaccurate. What are 5 "Inaccurate synonyms"? What is a better word for Inaccurate? What's another word for Inaccurate? How can I replace the word Inaccurate? What is the Definition of Inaccurate.

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Synonym of Inaccurate (adj)

incorrect untrue defective mistaken wrong unreliable faulty careless counterfactual discrepant fallacious inexact off off base out specious unfaithful unsound wide wild false imprecise all wet in error way-off doesn't wash

Example of Inaccurate

Example in a Sentences of Inaccurate

Example Sentences for inaccurate

The statement as to the persons slain by Hector and Mars is inaccurate.

I admitted it might be more elegant, though the other was not inaccurate.

Are there any parts of that story which you now believe to be inaccurate?

No doubt that is one reason why their knowledge is often so vague, inaccurate, and useless.

Another mistake deserves attention, as supplying the strongest proof of an inaccurate transcriber.

Dick was a very apt, if somewhat erratic and inaccurate, scholar.

The premise is inaccurate; it is a war we are in duty bound to wage at any rate till order is restored—but let that pass.

But Sir Joshua is as inaccurate in fact, as false in principle.

I do so, well knowing how imperfect they are: though not, I believe, inaccurate.

The Admiral's letters do not show him to be either careless or inaccurate.

Word Origin & History of - Inaccurate

Word Origin & History of Inaccurate

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