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Top ten synonyms In. What are 5 "In synonyms"? What is a better word for In? What's another word for In? How can I replace the word In? What is the Definition of In.

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Synonym of In (noun)

fly swank trig modern contemporary current chichi chic mod now smart latest customary dashing favored genteel hot in vogue last word latest thing modish natty new newfangled popular posh prevailing rakish stylish swanky trendy up-to-the-minute usual with it a go-go all the rage faddy in style in-thing trendsetting up to the minute upscale well-liked à la mode

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Word Origin & History of - In

Word Origin & History of In

Word Origin & History

in O.E. in "in," inne "within," from P.Gmc. *in (cf. O.Fris, Du., Ger., Goth. in, O.N. i), from PIE *en-/*n (cf. Gk. en, L. in, O.Ir. in, Welsh yn-, O.C.S. on-). Sense of "holding power" (the in party) first recorded 1605; that of "exclusive" (the in-crowd, an in-joke) is from 1907; that of "stylish, fashionable" (the in thing) is from 1960. The noun sense of "influence, access" (have an in with) first recorded 1929 in Amer.Eng. In-and-out "copulation" is attested from 1610s.

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