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Top ten synonyms Impute. What are 5 "Impute synonyms"? What is a better word for Impute? What's another word for Impute? How can I replace the word Impute? What is the Definition of Impute.

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Synonym of Impute (verb)

ascribe adduce reference hint indict brand stigmatize censure blame credit charge insinuate lay accuse accredit intimate assign refer pin on hang something on

Example of Impute

Example in a Sentences of Impute

Example Sentences for impute

In that respect, I must take to myself all the blame you may choose to impute to me.

But I beg that they may be such that he can impute no fault to me should he fail to execute what he has undertaken.

Be sure to convince Seymour, when I am no more, that I did not impute his absence to want of love, but merely to accident.

I do not impute blame for this to the commander of the 4th Corps.

His pride was touched, and in his irritation he was inclined to impute treachery to his friend and deceit to Jasmine.

You will rather believe all ill of him and will most likely impute things to him he never did.

How presumest thou to impute the blame vpon Rhomeo, whose vnguiltines and innocent deede euery man alloweth?

But I sincerely hope you do not impute improper motives to the incognito?

In the first case we might say that the king chose not to impute the sin, in the other that he forgave and justified the sinner.

The natives, however, impute these defects to the wetness of the season.

Word Origin & History of - Impute

Word Origin & History of Impute

Word Origin & History

impute late 14c., from O.Fr. imputer, from L. imputare "to reckon, account, charge, ascribe," from in- "upon" + putare "reckon, clear up, trim, prune, settle" (see pave).

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