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Top ten synonyms Impulse. What are 5 "Impulse synonyms"? What is a better word for Impulse? What's another word for Impulse? How can I replace the word Impulse? What is the Definition of Impulse.

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Synonym of Impulse (noun)

desire thought motivation whim wish influence motive passion instinct feeling notion inclination hunch yen mind whimsy fancy lust bent flash goad spontaneity appeal incitation urge itch extemporization catalyst disposition spur inspiration incitement vagary caprice lash excitant actuation impulsion impellent

Example of Impulse

Example in a Sentences of Impulse

Example Sentences for impulse

She sprang up, and, with an impulse for rescue, went to the door of the smoking-room.

His first impulse was to rush out of the house and to keep running.

He had acted on impulse; he knew that if he let his impulse cool he would not act at all.

It lacks initiative and cannot give an impulse for good or bad.

Raoul felt like shooting them all, just for being Potawatomi, but he held the impulse in check.

Every impulse given to the masses is, in its nature, spasmodic and transitory.

His nerve was too cool, his courage too steady for him to feel any impulse to run.

Yet Stuart laughed in spite of his effort to control the impulse.

There is the desire to gratify an impulse, and very little more.

There we get the law, and there we get the motive and the impulse.

Word Origin & History of - Impulse

Word Origin & History of Impulse

Word Origin & History

impulse early 15c., "an act of impelling, a thrust, push," from L. impulsus "a push against, pressure, shock," also "incitement, instigation," pp. of impellere (see impel). Meaning "stimulus in the mind arising from some state or feeling" first recorded 1640s.

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