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Top ten synonyms Imprint. What are 5 "Imprint synonyms"? What is a better word for Imprint? What's another word for Imprint? How can I replace the word Imprint? What is the meaning of Imprint in English?

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Synonym of Imprint (noun)

signature emblem name trace stamp impress influence effect dent design indentation trademark print mark banner heading sign

Example of Imprint

Example in a Sentences of Imprint

Example Sentences for imprint

But they are gone, and never again shall a hostile foot set its imprint upon your soil.

It is doing the prophet no injustice to say that they bear his imprint.

That it is easier for the fluidic hand to imprint itself upon the photographic plate (negative) in white than in black.

That brings out the imprint much more clearly, as you can see.

None of these stones bear the imprint of the chisel, or any sign whatsoever of manual labour.

That the musk-deer was still in advance of them, they had evidence from the imprint of its tracks.

The music is not without a certain nobility, and bears the imprint of the calm, strong spirit of belief.

Giovanni could not doubt that he was in Annunziata's chamber, and that the imprint on the bed was hers.

But presently they heard him curse, in inordinate and startled amazement, as he gazed at some imprint in the mud of the shore.

I reject the supposition that this was a Cambridge imprint for that reason alone.

Word Origin & History of - Imprint

Word Origin & History of Imprint

Word Origin & History

imprint late 14c., from O.Fr. empreinter, from empreinte, noun use of fem. pp. of eimpreindre "to impress, imprint," from V.L. *impremere, from L. imprimere "to impress, imprint" (see impress).

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