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Top ten synonyms Impress. What are 5 "Impress synonyms"? What is a better word for Impress? What's another word for Impress? How can I replace the word Impress? What is the meaning of Impress in English?

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Synonym of Impress (verb)

thrill faze excite touch affect awe sway inspire slay move pique arouse kill carry bulldoze provoke electrify score galvanize strike stir get grandstand register stimulate grab enforce knock out show off overawe enthuse buffalo be conspicuous blow away make a hit make an impression make splash push around

Example of Impress

Example in a Sentences of Impress

Example Sentences for impress

I think that God intended to impress us with the vividness of that color.

There is a need for expression which will win attention and impress the memory.

Their peculiar circumstances in Poland left an impress upon their inner life.

His appearance did not impress me as fantastically as it had impressed Colonel McClure.

The power which, on all occasions, thou hast been so careful to impress upon me, hath but made thy hypocrisy the more astonishing.

They hadn't tried to impress the crewmen as they had the officers.

We must strike the king's army a fearful blow, to impress his majesty with respect for our power.

After all, rooms must still retain the impress of the character of their inhabitants.

Ihjel had done it—used projective empathy to impress his emotions upon Brion.

It had a sickish sweet odour, but that did not impress me at the time.

Word Origin & History of - Impress

Word Origin & History of Impress

Word Origin & History

impress late 14c., "to apply with pressure, make a permanent image in," from L. impressus, pp. of imprimere "press into or upon, stamp," from in- "into" + premere "to press" (see press (v.1)). Figurative sense of "have a strong effect on the mind or heart" is from early 15c. Sense of "to levy for military service" is from 1590s, a meaning more from press (v.2).

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