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Imperious Definition Imperious Meaning in Bengali

"Imperious Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Imperious. What are 5 "Imperious synonyms"? What is a better word for Imperious? What's another word for Imperious? How can I replace the word Imperious? What is the Definition of Imperious.

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Synonym of Imperious (adj)

haughty dictatorial high-handed domineering exacting autocratic arrogant tyrannical authoritative commanding compulsory despotic imperative imperial mandatory obligatory oppressive overweening peremptory required tyrannous compulsatory

Example of Imperious

Example in a Sentences of Imperious

Example Sentences for imperious

"You must come with me at once," he said in an imperious way.

All this was distasteful, but the orator's instinct was imperious.

He was beginning to wonder why he had been invited—nay, almost commanded—to come, by an imperious little note.

She turned away from him with an imperious gesture of dismissal.

There was little sympathy between the haughty, imperious Josephine and her mild, unobtrusive sister.

Her voice was as imperious as it had been previously listless.

"No more Henriette," she said, interrupting me with imperious haste.

He became austere, imperious, and tyrannical in his measures.

And again, with that peculiar and imperious gesture, the man flung back his head, and he laughed.

It was a force outside the region of will,—imperious, irresistible.

Word Origin & History of - Imperious

Word Origin & History of Imperious

Word Origin & History

imperious 1540s, from L. imperiosus "commanding, mighty, powerful," from imperium "empire, command" (see empire).

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