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Top ten synonyms Impel. What are 5 "Impel synonyms"? What is a better word for Impel? What's another word for Impel? How can I replace the word Impel? What is the Definition of Impel.

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Synonym of Impel (VA )

oblige compel induce force inspire propel move actuate thrust poke motivate goad start prod boost instigate urge power influence excite lash jog press spur foment shove require drive push mobilize constrain stimulate set in motion

Example of Impel

Example in a Sentences of Impel

Example Sentences for impel

The reasons which impel him to yield even then are somewhat obscure, but two or three of them, perhaps, may be vaguely discerned.

Rage, the passion that burns within me, will impel me to profit by it.

There must be some sort of bacteria in fish which infect the catcher and impel him to expand facts whether he will or not.

Still, his curiosity does not impel him to importunate inquiry.

The sentiments by which it is animated awaken instant sympathy and the principles that impel command universal respect.

But a solemn sense of duty seemed to impel him to this task.

Perhaps I should account this costliness a merit, since it must impel farmers to study how to make few fences serve their turn.

They were not many, but enough to impel me to a quick resolve.

Nor had Alcala the incitement of passion to impel him onwards in his perilous career.

Wounded pride, did he love her deeply, might now impel him to be silent.

Word Origin & History of - Impel

Word Origin & History of Impel

Word Origin & History

impel 1490, from L. impellere "to push, strike against, drive forward, urge on," from in- "into" + pellere "to push, drive."

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