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Top ten synonyms Illustration. What are 5 "Illustration synonyms"? What is a better word for Illustration? What's another word for Illustration? How can I replace the word Illustration? What is the Definition of Illustration.

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Synonym of Illustration (noun)

explanation interpretation example case elucidation clarification specimen sample instance representative analogy model case history case in point sampling for instance

Example of Illustration

Example in a Sentences of Illustration

Example Sentences for illustration

Let me take two or three simple instances by way of illustration.

Mother Smith gives us an illustration of the depth of this feeling.

Allowance should be made for this illusion in comparing fruit with illustration.

We have also an illustration of this point in our own country.

Page 561: reference to illustration of roughly reconstructed Gallic reaper: this illustration is not present in the original work.

It is, of course, a myth, but it serves as an illustration of my present point.

Its just an illustration of the old motto: Do a man a favor and hell never forgive you, returned Jim.

But those who have been initiated will understand it without the aid of illustration.

In any case the pole should be planted in a tub as in Fig. 428, and decorated as shown in the illustration.

One day, while descending the river, our travellers were witness to an illustration of this.

Word Origin & History of - Illustration

Word Origin & History of Illustration

Word Origin & History

illustration late 14c., "a spiritual illumination," from O.Fr. illustration, from L. illustrationem (nom. illustratio) "vivid representation" (in writing), lit. "an enlightening," from illustrare "light up, embellish, distinguish," from in- "in" + lustrare "make bright, illuminate." Mental sense of "act of making clear in the mind" is from 1580s. Meaning "an illustrative picture" is from 1816. Illustrate "educate by means of examples," first recorded 1610s. Sense of "provide pictures to explain or decorate" is 1630s.

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