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Top ten synonyms Ideograph. What are 5 "Ideograph synonyms"? What is a better word for Ideograph? What's another word for Ideograph? How can I replace the word Ideograph? What is the Definition of Ideograph.

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Synonym of Ideograph (noun)

fundamentals morphemes elements syllabary ABCs symbols rune hieroglyphs characters signs phonemes pictograph graphic representation

Example of Ideograph

Example in a Sentences of Ideograph

Example Sentences for ideograph

Primarily, the ideograph Lil is used to designate a 'demon' in general, and En-lil is therefore the 'chief demon.'

The picture, the ideograph, the symbol—these are not the thing.

It will be noticed that the ideograph looks like a water field in four compartments.

For example, the ideograph for a "mess-mate" is a man and a fire.

Thus a chessboard was an ideograph, and stood for a gift, and sometimes a building.

Its ideograph is the sign of the sun together with the sign of the moon.

Whether Ea is to be regarded as the real name of the god, or is also an ideograph like En-ki, is again open to doubt.

Most of these symbols are compounded of an ideograph and a letter of the alphabet.

Merodach's ideograph is the sun, and there is abundant evidence that he was first and last a solar god.

Thus the name of Ea, the god of the deep, is expressed by an ideograph which signifies 'antelope.'

Word Origin & History of - Ideograph

Word Origin & History of Ideograph

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