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Top ten synonyms Ideal. What are 5 "Ideal synonyms"? What is a better word for Ideal? What's another word for Ideal? How can I replace the word Ideal? What is the Definition of Ideal.

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Synonym of Ideal (noun)

optimal fitting quintessential excellent classical classic representative Shangri-la absolute archetypal complete consummate exemplary flawless supreme paradigmatic prototypical have-it-all indefectible pie-in-the-sky

Example of Ideal

Example in a Sentences of Ideal

Example Sentences for ideal

The litterateur in Wagners estimation had no fixed purpose, no ideal.

Bruce was twenty-seven, and his mother was still his ideal of womanhood.

Even where we fall feebly short of the ideal, we have no question what the ideal is.

An ideal also differs from a standard, for a standard must be real.

These ideal conditions are, however, far from being realized.

Novels develop and transmit the ideal; clubs are the tribunal of it.

It deals with the beautiful, with the passionate, with the ideal.

The ideal of all these works is the same and attained by different means.

No student of missions can ever be content to regard them as an ideal arrangement.

He had not offered to yield his ideal, accept her views, and change his life purpose.

Word Origin & History of - Ideal

Word Origin & History of Ideal

Word Origin & History

ideal 1410, from L.L. idealis "existing in idea," from L. idea in the Platonic sense (see idea). Sense of "perfect" first recorded 1613. The noun meaning "perfect person or thing" is first recorded 1796 in a translation of Kant. The abstract idealism, also from 1796, originally meant "belief that reality is made up only of ideas." Idealist "one who represents things in an ideal form" is from 1829, as is idealistic. Ideally "in the best conceivable situation" is from 1840. Idée fixe (1836) is from Fr., lit. "fixed idea."

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