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Honing Definition Honing Meaning in Bengali

"Honing Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Honing. What are 5 "Honing synonyms"? What is a better word for Honing? What's another word for Honing? How can I replace the word Honing? What is the Definition of Honing.

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Synonym of Honing (verb)

whet acuminate edge file grind make sharp put a point on put an edge on

Example of Honing

Example in a Sentences of Honing

Example Sentences for honing

They had been sent out with a relief column to Honing Spruit, where a train had been attacked and the troops in it hard pressed.

For that matter, I shouldnt wonder if you were honing to get rid of me.

He sped down to the lake to plunge his head into the cool water and thereby sharpen the edge of an appetite that needed no honing.

This cannot be done by stropping, but is accomplished only by the process known as honing.

I told him you were honing to see him: and that we'd be looking for him along about eleven.

If the honing be carried too far, a wire edge will be produced, and this must be removed.

Anton Martek, sitting on a pile of hay and honing an ax, looked up and grinned.

I'll bet at this very minute you're honing to get after a silver-tip.

I'm sorry for Blackman,—he was just honing to soak that boy the limit!

They could only wait then, honing down already needle-sharp crossbow bolts, and glancing up at the slowly moving sun.

Word Origin & History of - Honing

Word Origin & History of Honing

Word Origin & History

hone O.E. han "stone, rock," in M.E. "whetstone" (early 14c.), from P.Gmc. *khaino (cf. O.N. hein "hone"). The verb is 1788, from the noun.

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