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Homey Definition Homey Meaning in Bengali

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Top ten synonyms Homey. What are 5 "Homey synonyms"? What is a better word for Homey? What's another word for Homey? How can I replace the word Homey? What is the Definition of Homey.

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Synonym of Homey (adjective)

cozy intimate folksy relaxed comfy pleasant delightful snug restful adequate cheerful complacent contented easy familiar friendly plain rested simple soft warm cared for snug as a bug in a rug soothed

Example of Homey

Example in a Sentences of Homey

Example Sentences for homey

It is the "homey" air they enjoy and not elaborate decorations or menu.

"What a homely, homey place," said Anne, noting everything with the eye of an artist.

It was such a homey place that we felt welcome and perfectly comfortable at once.

The room, evidently the best in the house, was homey and comfortable.

Through the black masses of trees that lined the shore could be seen the glow of windows, yellow and homey.

No, but like having everything so homey and—and—so genuine at our wedding?

I've had my time of thinking it would not bore me to be the Apollo of a homey flat, and I've paid out a trifle to learn better.

It was homey in the sense that the houses in Zenith were homey.

It looks so quaint and homey, and if the inside is as delightful as the outside it must be quite wonderful.

Not from the great Lum-tum, though your voice is kind of homey.

Word Origin & History of - Homey

Word Origin & History of Homey

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