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Homesteading Definition Homesteading Meaning in Bengali

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Top ten synonyms Homesteading. What are 5 "Homesteading synonyms"? What is a better word for Homesteading? What's another word for Homesteading? How can I replace the word Homesteading? What is the Definition of Homesteading.

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Synonym of Homesteading (noun)

gardening cultivation culture production breeding agriculture grazing landscaping operating threshing growing harvesting ranching feeding reaping gleaning fertilizing tillage agronomy hydroponics seeding agronomics crop-raising geoponics share-cropping soil culture

Example of Homesteading

Example in a Sentences of Homesteading

Example Sentences for homesteading

But in many instances they brought landseekers with them who legally filed contests and homesteading rights over the settler.

Nothing strikes my fancy so much as homesteading—which I think you meant.

Don't try to keep him at home if homesteading looks good to him.

By homesteading, or purchasing from railway or land companies.

“At least as comfortable as one would wish, homesteading for one night,” said Priscilla.

But homesteading failed to supply more than their immediate needs.

We want to see how it will really seem to be homesteading all alone.

They are all Eastern women, all homesteading; but they never can save money enough to go back East.

These great reserves have been practically closed to settlement and homesteading.

Oddly enough, we had never questioned the impulse which led two young city girls to go alone into unsettled land, homesteading.

Word Origin & History of - Homesteading

Word Origin & History of Homesteading

Word Origin & History

homestead O.E. hamstede "home, town, village," from home + stead (q.v.). In U.S. usage, "a lot of land adequate for the maintenance of a family" (1693), defined by the Homestead Act of 1862 as 160 acres. Hence, the verb, first recorded 1872. Homesteader also is from 1872.

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