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Top ten synonyms Hoard. What are 5 "Hoard synonyms"? What is a better word for Hoard? What's another word for Hoard? How can I replace the word Hoard? What is the Definition of Hoard.

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Synonym of Hoard (noun)

cache accumulation nest egg backlog abundance cumulation wealth agglomeration supply reservoir treasure riches aggregation collection garner fund pile inventory heap mass stock conglomeration store reserve amassment trove treasure-trove

Example of Hoard

Example in a Sentences of Hoard

Example Sentences for hoard

The same disposition, to save and to hoard, prevailed in the sovereign, as well as in the subjects.

To lay this harvest up, and hoard with haste What every day will want, and most, the last.

I am spared here for some object, and do not feel that to hoard money is that object.

He guards a hoard of gold and jewels the like of which was never seen in the world.

More, her son Foy knew the hiding-place of Brant's hoard, and from him or his servant Martin that secret must be won.

Ah, a curse was upon the hoard, for Hreidmar and Fafnir and I have perished because of it.

The second mode open to men is to hoard their surplus wealth during life, and leave it at death for public uses.

In this case, however, the thing referred to was a hoard of early apples.

He has, moreover, a hoard of debts, the result of the luxury of his sainted forefathers.

We all knew where her hoard was, but spared it for a long time.

Word Origin & History of - Hoard

Word Origin & History of Hoard

Word Origin & History

hoard O.E. hord "treasure, valuable stock or store," from P.Gmc. *khuzdan (cf. O.N. hodd, Ger. hort, Goth. huzd "treasure," lit. "hidden treasure"), from *kuzdho, probably from PIE base *(s)keu- "to cover, conceal" (see hide (n.1)). The verb is from O.E. hordian.

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