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Top ten synonyms Hit. What are 5 "Hit synonyms"? What is a better word for Hit? What's another word for Hit? How can I replace the word Hit? What is the Definition of Hit.

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Synonym of Hit (noun)

blow bat shot punch swing lick tap clip butt slap collision stroke rap glance zap belt impact chop pat swipe sock swat slog clash knock buffet whammy bang clout wallop paste box smash plunk shock smack spank cuff whop uppercut zinger bonk roundhouse one-two punch bell-ringer fisticuff

Example of Hit

Example in a Sentences of Hit

Example Sentences for hit

It should have broken when it hit the branch of the apple tree.

"He don't say much, you know, and that's what makes a hit," Oscar told Pen and Jane.

But if any one of them was finer than that whale of a hit, Ive forgotten it.

But I was too proud to show any signs of pain, or even to let him know that I had been hit.

They thought and thought, and eventually they hit upon something.

If it had hit us when we were above water, we should have been where those French chaps are now.

The ball came between them and hit him in the nose, knocking him down.

But since the game was started, no one has ever been known to hit one.

Captain Marat had hit on the thing that was troubling us all.

Should anyone in the circle be hit by the bag he takes the place of the center toad.

Word Origin & History of - Hit

Word Origin & History of Hit

Word Origin & History

hit O.E. hyttan "come upon, meet with," from O.N. hitta "to light upon, meet with," from P.Gmc. *khitjanan. Meaning shifted in late O.E. period to "strike," via "to reach with a blow or missile," and replaced O.E. slean in this sense. Noun meaning "successful play, song, person," etc. first recorded 1811, from verb meaning "to hit the mark, succeed" (c.1400). Underworld slang meaning "to kill by plan" is 1955 (n. is from 1970). Meaning "dose of narcotic" is 1951, from phrases like hit the bottle "drink alcohol" (1889). Original sense survives in phrases such as hit it off (1780) and hit on (1970s). ...To hit the nail on the head (1574) is from archery. Hit the road "leave" is from 1873; to hit (someone) up "request something" is from 1917. Hit and run is 1899 as a baseball play, 1924 as a driver failing to stop at a crash he caused. To not know what hit (one) is from 1923.

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