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Top ten synonyms Hint. What are 5 "Hint synonyms"? What is a better word for Hint? What's another word for Hint? How can I replace the word Hint? What is the Definition of Hint.

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Synonym of Hint (noun)

impression reference taste whisper sign idea evidence warning scent information wrinkle tip suspicion reminder trace whiff advice clue mention announcement intimation inkling symptom wink implication tinge notion connotation inference allusion communication insinuation signification pointer help telltale lead print denotation iota tip-off notice observation omen innuendo smattering token adumbration glimmering flea in ear word to wise

Example of Hint

Example in a Sentences of Hint

Example Sentences for hint

Not a hint that he ever kissed a woman or ever took a little child upon his knee.

Beecot had half a mind to follow, so strange was the hint she had given him.

Marty did not hint to his cousin that he suspected her intention.

But there was no hint of such things in the alien literature.

He brooded over it all day, but dared not drop any hint to Henriette.

I flung out the first hint—but for that it would all have gone to the shoemaker.'

The next day eighty scoundrels took the hint and left Leadville.

I am sure you would have given us a hint but for your promise.

Never a hint of red warms this oak of the swamps, even when planted as a street or park tree in well-drained ground.

Yet nowhere does he hint that he had any personal knowledge.

Word Origin & History of - Hint

Word Origin & History of Hint

Word Origin & History

hint 1604, from obsolete hent, from O.E. hentan "to seize," from P.Gmc. *khantijanan (cf. Goth. hinþan "to seize"), related to hunt. Modern sense and spelling first attested in Shakespeare.

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