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Highbrow Definition Highbrow Meaning in Bengali

"Highbrow Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Highbrow. What are 5 "Highbrow synonyms"? What is a better word for Highbrow? What's another word for Highbrow? How can I replace the word Highbrow? What is the meaning of Highbrow in English?

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Synonym of Highbrow (noun)

cerebral scholarly wise bookish brainy cultured erudite intelligent learned studious cultivated intellective

Example of Highbrow

Example in a Sentences of Highbrow

Example Sentences for highbrow

It is largely a social audience, well educated without being "highbrow," and tolerant and kindly to a degree.

I could get onto the sedan styles in highbrow talk as long as it was in American.

Not a highbrow adventure, it is not to be judged by highbrow standards.

The intelligentsia rushed to the rescue with highbrow hue and cry.

Sometimes I think Madeline Morton is a highbrow in disguise.

I got a notion I want to see you do something that isn't in your highbrow programme.

Sometimes they have a waltz or something that you can use in these highbrow things, shuffling them.

Too highbrow for the jury, but it may upset his pace a little.

The word "highbrow" has been invented exactly to fit the case.

"I'd never have suspected you of being a highbrow," Mr. Briggs continued.

Word Origin & History of - Highbrow

Word Origin & History of Highbrow

Word Origin & History

highbrow "person of superior intellect and taste," 1902, back-formation from high-browed (adj.), which is attested from 1891, from high + brow (cf. also lowbrow).

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