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Heretic Definition Heretic Meaning in Bengali

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Top ten synonyms Heretic. What are 5 "Heretic synonyms"? What is a better word for Heretic? What's another word for Heretic? How can I replace the word Heretic? What is the Definition of Heretic.

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Synonym of Heretic (noun)

skeptic apostate pagan sectarian cynic

Example of Heretic

Example in a Sentences of Heretic

Example Sentences for heretic

Then, heretic, you dare to say that the Bible is above the Church?

He was burnt as a heretic at Vilvoorde, near Brussels, in 1536.

When a heretic was seized, the world abandoned him; his nearest friends durst not say a word in his defence.

I am no traitor to my true King, and no heretic to the living God!

It may be said, of course, by our Presbyterian friends, that Dr. Briggs is a heretic; that he has been cast out of their church.

I will take care she does not set eyes upon that heretic, Mr Jamieson.

The heretic then said to his companions, that he would go forth for his need.

“We cannot take the word of an heretic,” said the officer, insolently.

All the inmates of Cajetan's palace inveighed against the pride, obstinacy, and effrontery of this heretic.

He expected a demand would be made for the arrest of the heretic.

Word Origin & History of - Heretic

Word Origin & History of Heretic

Word Origin & History

heretic early 14c., from Fr. hérétique (14c.), from Church L. hereticus, from Gk. hairetikos "able to choose," the verbal adj. of hairein (see heresy).

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