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Hearty Definition Hearty Meaning in Bengali

"Hearty Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Hearty. What are 5 "Hearty synonyms"? What is a better word for Hearty? What's another word for Hearty? How can I replace the word Hearty? What is the Definition of Hearty.

Synonym of Hearty (noun)

cordial generous genuine heartfelt genial warm exuberant cheery passionate sincere ebullient affable animated ardent avid cheerful deep deepest devout eager earnest effusive frank friendly gay glad honest impassioned intense jolly jovial neighborly profuse real responsive unfeigned unreserved unrestrained vivacious warmhearted wholehearted zealous gushing true back-slapping deep-felt

Example of Hearty

Example in a Sentences of Hearty

Example Sentences for hearty

The boys ate a hearty meal, and the young fireman paid for it.

I paid him the balance of wages due him, and we parted with a hearty shake of hands.

The village life, though rude and slow-moving, was hearty and cheerful.

Deborah kissed him in a loud, hearty way, and led him in triumph to the cottage.

"Good evening, gentlemen all," said Captain Brisket, in a hearty voice.

At hearing this, Gerald burst into a hearty fit of laughter.

"Little Knights and Ladies" will meet with a hearty welcome.

Theodora's laugh rang out a second time, hearty and infectious.

Then he came back to breakfast in his dugout with a hearty appetite.

He burst into a hearty laugh when he saw her, and told her not to be frightened.

Word Origin & History of - Hearty

Word Origin & History of Hearty

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