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Haul Definition Haul Meaning in Bengali

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Top ten synonyms Haul. What are 5 "Haul synonyms"? What is a better word for Haul? What's another word for Haul? How can I replace the word Haul? What is the Definition of Haul.

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Synonym of Haul (verb)

cargo harvest load lading booty freight spoils yield payload gain burden catch loot find takings

Example of Haul

Example in a Sentences of Haul

Example Sentences for haul

“Two of you in the bow, there, get ready to haul him in,” said the officer.

I was ordered to at once prepare to accompany them to Haul Bowlin.

Chuck the man a rope's-end and he'll haul the raft alongside.'

The waves will throw us up and haul us back like a cat playing with mice.

I'll nail the colors to the mast, and see who will be the man who will haul them down.

Of course he must haul his boat, but that he could easily do.

Darrin gave the order to lower a cutter, instructing Ensign Phelps to go along and haul in that glowing object.

Men have to be called away from their work to haul them out.

I had to get out and pull and haul it before there was room for the wheel to turn.

Jake said he might as well take the wagon and haul to market the pig he had been fattening.

Word Origin & History of - Haul

Word Origin & History of Haul

Word Origin & History

haul 1581, variant spelling of M.E. halen (see hale (v.)), representing a 13c. change in pronunciation. The noun is from the sense of hauling with fishing nets.

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