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Hatred Definition Hatred Meaning in Bengali

"Hatred Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Hatred. What are 5 "Hatred synonyms"? What is a better word for Hatred? What's another word for Hatred? How can I replace the word Hatred? What is the Definition of Hatred.

Synonym of Hatred (noun)

malice rancor loathing contempt distaste envy acrimony hate disgust antipathy horror antagonism hostility revenge ill will animus animosity revulsion grudge enmity bitterness prejudice alienation repugnance odium execration abhorrence spite spleen malevolence aversion abomination disapproval pique venom coldness repulsion disfavor displeasure detestation scorn ignominy militancy hard feelings malignance allergy to invidiousness no use for

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Word Origin & History of - Hatred

Word Origin & History of Hatred

Word Origin & History

hatred c.1175, from M.E. hate (see hate) + rare suffix -red, from O.E. ræden "state, condition," related to verb rædan "to advise, discuss, rule, read, guess." See read and cf. second element of kindred and proper names Æþelræd and Alfred.

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