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Top ten synonyms Hate. What are 5 "Hate synonyms"? What is a better word for Hate? What's another word for Hate? How can I replace the word Hate? What is the Definition of Hate.

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Synonym of Hate (verb)

pain antagonism enmity hostility revenge resentment venom horror animosity rancor loathing hatred grievance abomination detestation rankling nuisance spite malevolence gripe anathema disgust antipathy scorn repugnance frost malignity animus trouble revulsion odium execration abhorrence bugbear bother irritant objection repulsion aversion ill will mislike black beast nasty look no love lost bête noire

Example of Hate

Example in a Sentences of Hate

Example Sentences for hate

Hate never was, and never will be, a beautifier of the face.

What crops of wit and honesty appear From spleen, from obstinacy, hate, or fear!

I used not to hate you; I even had a liking for you; take this advice, then, which you say you are ready to follow.

So I hate physic too—yet I may love to take it for my health.

I knew you were going to him—I saw you thinking of it, and it made me hate 48 you.

Nay, agad, I hate fear ever since I had like to have died of a fright.

"I hate to have my picture taken when I am not expecting it," cried Ellen.

Ah, they hate you and they like me, for I told them about that girl.

Everyone seems to hate me, and yet I was intended to amuse people.

They might hate him, but they would have to admit his brains.

Word Origin & History of - Hate

Word Origin & History of Hate

Word Origin & History

hate O.E. hatian "to hate," from P.Gmc. *khatojanan (cf. O.S. haton, O.N. hata, Ger. hassen, Goth. hatan "to hate"), from PIE base *kedes- "feel strongly" (cf. Avestan sadra- "grief, sorrow, calamity," Gk. kedos "care, trouble, sorrow," Welsh cas "pain, anger"). The noun is O.E. hete "hatred, spite," from P.Gmc. *khatis-, altered in M.E. to conform with the verb. Hate mail is first attested 1967.

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