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Top ten synonyms Handle. What are 5 "Handle synonyms"? What is a better word for Handle? What's another word for Handle? How can I replace the word Handle? What is the Definition of Handle.

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Synonym of Handle (verb)

knob shaft stem holder ear crank grasp hold bail arm stock handgrip hilt helve haft tiller

Example of Handle

Example in a Sentences of Handle

Example Sentences for handle

Mr. Moore: The cabbage worm is one that is very easy to handle.

He can handle fifteen hundred men better'n I handle my three.

The handle, released from all pressure, flew through the air and Tom rolled over backwards into Morris's lap.

Yet he hesitated again before he turned the handle of the outer door.

He is plenty big and strong enough to handle her if he is able to get a friend of his to go along with him.

The Portuguese smiled sheepishly, walked to the wall and gripped the handle.

She does not handle quantities sufficient or cater for consumers enough to gain large knowledge of her business.

Then he gripped the handle, and, flinging the door open, stepped in.

He will handle a rattle at six or seven months, and shows delight in such toys.

The handle did not seem to be long enough to balance the head.

Word Origin & History of - Handle

Word Origin & History of Handle

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