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Hale Definition Hale Meaning in Bengali

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Top ten synonyms Hale. What are 5 "Hale synonyms"? What is a better word for Hale? What's another word for Hale? How can I replace the word Hale? What is the Definition of Hale.

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Synonym of Hale (verb)

trim sound right fit well stout blooming husky strapping flourishing able-bodied healthy hearty robust sane strong vigorous wholesome alive and kicking fit as a fiddle in fine fettle in the pink well-conditioned

Example of Hale

Example in a Sentences of Hale

Example Sentences for hale

We have given Mr. Hale's opinion as to the improbability of borrowing.

"By paying over to Mr. Hale every dollar mentioned in my father's will," I replied.

Captain Danvers is at present stopping at the Hale residence.

Mr. Hale built a cottage for us on the lake, half a mile from the village.

In his opening speech he declared his resolution to adopt the maxims of the illustrious Hale.

He charged Senator Hale with misrepresenting him to this extent.

Hale was confined for the night of September 21st in the greenhouse of the garden of Howe's head-quarters.

Most of the noblemen were great hamatures of hale and porter.

And so dear Laura said, "Why will you not write us down something of what you are saying, Mr. Hale?"

He has mair wit in his wee finger than ye hae in your hale bouk.

Word Origin & History of - Hale

Word Origin & History of Hale

Word Origin & History

hale "healthy," O.E. hal "healthy" (see health). The Scottish and northern English form of whole, it was given a literary sense of "free from infirmity" (1734).

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