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Synonym of Guard (verb)

defender warden escort lookout shepherd shield picket chaperon guardian sentry watch chaperone custodian sentinel ward bouncer chaser convoyer watchperson

Example of Guard

Example in a Sentences of Guard

Example Sentences for guard

Prescott was on his guard; he felt that Curtis suspected him.

Without raising his head, he extended the bag to the officer of the guard.

Fifthly;—I had come once already; my opponent was on his guard about me.

Gerda watched for a moment, then strode toward the guard house.

She paused a moment to listen whether her guard were undisturbed.

"We certainly let that guard officer in for something," he mused.

Tell the big chief, he said in Shawnee, to be on guard to-morrow night.

I think you'd better take something, to guard against the chills.

There was a guard at the gate, but persons could freely enter.

This had put him off his guard so that he had grown accustomed to them.

Word Origin & History of - Guard

Word Origin & History of Guard

Word Origin & History

guard early 15c., "one who keeps watch," from M.Fr. garde "guardian, warden, keeper," from garder "to guard," from O.Fr. guarder (corresponding to O.N.Fr. warder, see gu-), from Frank. *wardon, from P.Gmc. *wardo- (see ward (v.)). Abstract or collective sense of "a keeping, a custody" (as in bodyguard) is from early 15c. Sword-play and boxing sense is from 1590s. The verb is first recorded 1580s, from the noun. Guarded "reserved and cautious in speech, behavior, etc." is from 1728. Guardian (early 14c.) is from Anglo-Fr. gardein, from O.Fr. gardien, earlier guarden, from Frankish *warding-.

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