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Top ten synonyms Gone. What are 5 "Gone synonyms"? What is a better word for Gone? What's another word for Gone? How can I replace the word Gone? What is the Definition of Gone.

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Synonym of Gone (adjective)

retired departed moved spent ended done traveling withdrawn quit removed lacking split vanished missing finished dissipated absent displaced lost transferred deceased left astray away dead defunct down the drain extinct over past passed shifted disintegrated disappeared flown elapsed decamped consumed dissolved AWOL burned up dried up no more nonextant not a sign of not here out the window run-off taken a powder taken leave turned to dust

Example of Gone

Example in a Sentences of Gone

Example Sentences for gone

And for that act of goodness, Uncle Matthew had gone to his grave under stigma.

Great stories of Sara's marvelous temper had gone about the camp.

He's gone outside with Lise to see the sun set over Paris, I think.

Because I shall put them to bed unless they are gone in five minutes.

The snow had ceased to fall, the thunder was gone, and the city was quiet.

So now they are all gone, and I have an opportunity to practice.

Frankly as he had gone to the Girondin with his confession, so frankly had the other received it.

He knew which way his prey was gone, and he knew to what port she was going.

He was gone, and the bright-colored bubble she had blown vanished at once.

No; they are gone with Mrs Grey into the village, I believe.

Word Origin & History of - Gone

Word Origin & History of Gone

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