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Get-Together Definition Get-Together Meaning in Bengali

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Top ten synonyms Get-Together. What are 5 "Get-Together synonyms"? What is a better word for Get-Together? What's another word for Get-Together? How can I replace the word Get-Together? What is the Definition of Get-Together.

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Synonym of Get-Together (noun)

congregation function meeting party shindig social affair social event social occasion

Example of Get-Together

Example in a Sentences of Get-Together

Example Sentences for get-together

The get-together movement will help religion, and it's going to happen surely.

Well, as a get-together I must admit that the outlook was kind of frosty.

In these days of get-together movements denominational leaders should think clearly with reference to "federated" churches.

This is well recognized throughout the State, and the exclusive “get-together” movements are received with general ridicule.

The farmers held a get-together meeting, decided on a location for a market in Lockport, decided on market days and market hours.

After the party at the Fords, there was a get-together at the Mellers residence sometime before that weekend.

Would you tell us to the best of your recollection what was said at this party or get-together?

Specifically, was there a get-together at your home the night after the party that you had on the 28th of December?

Meal time is joy time; it's the get-together period of smiling faces.

Word Origin & History of - Get-Together

Word Origin & History of Get-Together

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