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Gem Definition Gem Meaning in Bengali

"Gem Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Gem. What are 5 "Gem synonyms"? What is a better word for Gem? What's another word for Gem? How can I replace the word Gem? What is the Definition of Gem.

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Synonym of Gem (noun)

stone jewelry jewel ornament masterpiece trump glass pick paragon nonpareil pearl rock bauble prize hardware sparkler

Example of Gem

Example in a Sentences of Gem

Example Sentences for gem

Far off the mountains rose, dark and blue, but they were only the setting for the gem and made it more precious.

My right of ownership in the gem is not, I confess, very substantial; but whose is it?

A true connoisseur in pearls in this country rejoices in the rose-tinted specimens of the gem.

It is quite a gem—in the purest style of the fourteenth century.

But the gem of the collection is unquestionably the poem entitled "Bertha in the Lane."

The Captain was a man of taste, and his cabin was a gem of luxury and splendor.

Give the gem which dims the moon To the noblest, or to none.

After many days there remained but one gem; and she wept because she had no more to give.

The gem has lost its sparkle; scarce a vestige of former brilliancy remains.

But the gem, of course, was the story told all in the literary Boweryese.

Word Origin & History of - Gem

Word Origin & History of Gem

Word Origin & History

gem O.E. gim, from L. gemma "precious stone, jewel," originally "bud," from the root *gen- "to produce" (see genus).

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