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Top ten synonyms Further. What are 5 "Further synonyms"? What is a better word for Further? What's another word for Further? How can I replace the word Further? What is the Definition of Further.

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Synonym of Further (adj)

farther more added another else extra fresh new other supplementary in addition

Example of Further

Example in a Sentences of Further

Example Sentences for further

"The further this case goes, the more puzzled I am," he said.

The merchantman had evidently had enough, and saw that there was no further hope.

The only further allusion to it occurs in Lady Barnard's will.

You instructed me to water and provision the vessel, and wait for further orders.

On the same side as the rooms of his Excellency, but further off.

It was difficult to conceive how they could be further injured.

But he got no further, for Caesar sprang to his feet, and desired to hear more of this.

And the men-at-arms were disappointed when we gave them no further excuse for violence.

Early in 1917 these qualities were further developed in the Bristol Fighter.

"There is a further bit of evidence I might offer," he added.

Word Origin & History of - Further

Word Origin & History of Further

Word Origin & History

further O.E. furðor (adv.), furðra (adj.), (ge)fyrðan (v.) "further, impel," etymologically representing either "forth-er" or "fore-ther." The former would be from furðum (see forth) + comp. suffix *-eron-, *-uron- (cf. inner, outer). Alternative etymology traces it to P.Gmc. *furþeron-, from PIE *pr-tero, (cf. Gk. proteros "former"), from root of fore + comp. suffix also found in after, other. Senses of "in addition, to a greater extent" are later metaphoric developments. Related: Furthered; furthering.

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