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Furrow Definition Furrow Meaning in Bengali

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Top ten synonyms Furrow. What are 5 "Furrow synonyms"? What is a better word for Furrow? What's another word for Furrow? How can I replace the word Furrow? What is the meaning of Furrow in English?

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Synonym of Furrow (noun)

hollow corrugation gutter ridge ruck plica dike crease trench fold channel seam crinkle line wrinkle groove rut rimple rabbet fluting rivel crow's-foot

Example of Furrow

Example in a Sentences of Furrow

Example Sentences for furrow

Along the furrow and through the litter the young fox nosed his way, ready to pounce upon the first mouse which darted out.

His mind was 'straddle the furrow' when Mr Ottarson came in.

A bullet had gone over it, leaving a furrow in the flesh, where the blood welled up slowly.

A tear ran down her cheek, and was caught in a furrow near the mouth.

I watch'd him sleep by the furrow—The first that fell in the fight.

But we are labourers, and this is the reason why our furrow has been blessed.

Step by step the hard fact sunk into it, and furrow after furrow marked the progress.

The lines of snow in Fig. 131 show the presence of ridge and furrow in the distance.

As soon as the Horses reached the end of the furrow and could rest a minute, they tossed their heads and whinnied with delight.

I think, however, I will turn over a furrow of subsoil in it.

Word Origin & History of - Furrow

Word Origin & History of Furrow

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